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Updated: Jan 13

This can be a touchy subject, I totally get why, you had your brows done elsewhere but for some reason you want to come to me for a colour boost, why should you pay full price when you already have brows?

I can only guarantee work that was done by my own hands, on skin with no previous pigment, that is my design, pattern of strokes, my pigments, I know how they fade and therefore I know that a colour boost treatment will be enough to get that brow back to it’s original condition. Colour boost treatments are therefore only available to clients that had their brows originally done by myself.

Any existing pigment on your brows is classed as a cover up, which in fact, if you ask anyone in the industry, is a lot bloody harder to do than creating a brow from scratch… you do the maths…

If you already have pigment on your skin, the stroke pattern may be different from mine, you may have major fading in some areas and not so much on others, your strokes may have blurred into one solid colour, your shape may need adjusting, or they may have just faded too much. The ONLY way I can guarantee good results is with a full treatment, which includes a top up procedure four to six weeks after the original treatment for any tweaking to be done. But this option is really only possible on brows that have faded quite a bit and are almost non existent.

Now I have to mention the brows that I wouldn’t touch, if your brows are solid quite saturated in colour there may be nothing I can do to help, you may need removal sessions to lighten your existing pigment before I can do my magic.

There are a number of reasons you may not want to go back to the person that did them in the first place and most times it is because you’re not 100% happy with them and they need changes made to them. I am more than happy to help and am honoured you consider having them done with me, but please understand I am limited to what I can do depending on the amount of pigment you already have in your skin and that you may not be able to have strokes, in this case, shading works a treat!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your brows please email me on

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