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Updated: Jan 13

Please remember the colour is up to 50% DARKER immediately after the treatment. It will start getting lighter after 4-7 days. The true healed colour will not show until approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment.

During the healing process, you will see the colour get very light and at times patchy, this is normal.


  • Don’t pick the scabs or scratch the area.

  • Avoid sun exposure for a minimum of 3 weeks.

  • Apply a very thin layer (rice grain size) of healing cream 3 times a day for 5 days.

  • Keep the area dry for 5 days but you must clean the area before applying healing cream, do that by using a wet cotton pad or baby wipes, wipe VERY GENTLY and don’t rub. Pat dry if needed.

  • Avoid exercise for 48 hours as sweat can cause an infection.

  • Avoid all moisturisers, cleanser, toner for 5 days.

  • Don’t apply foundation near or on the area.

  • When healed, ALWAYS apply SPF to reduce fading.

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