Pre study - 3 days in person training +  Shadow Day

This fully accredited course is designed to teach beginners and consists of pre study, 3 full days in person training, 10 case studies and a shadow day. 


Pre Study

Once you get booked in, you will receive your pre study manual, it covers all the foundations and theory of PMU.


Infection Control

The skin anatomy and physiology

Colour Theory



Skin Undertones

The Fitzpatrick Scale


Contra Indications

Brow Artistry


Tattooing Techniques

Treatment Step By Step Guide

Case Studies

Business Set Up

Social Media



Day 1

During day 1, Nay will cover all the pre study manual, ensuring all students understand the theory involved and answer any questions students may have. You will then get hands on with some practise on latex skin. 


Day 2

Day 2 starts with questions, more theory and a live model procedure which will be done by Nay for you to watch. In the afternoon you will get to work on your first model with the help of Nay. 


Day 3

Once again, starting with questions from the previous day and a little more theory, day 3 gives you another opportunity to work on a model and some more latex practise. 


You will then go off to do your case studies, 5 procedures and their respective top ups. Once all case studies are completed and Nay is happy with them, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. 

Once you have completed your course you can book a shadow day which is a great opportunity for you to spend the day with Nay helping her in the studio, overseeing a busy day full of procedures that should hopefully help you within your own studio.


Included in this course is an extensive kit containing a machine and cartridges, Brow Daddy pigments and all the products you will need in order to carry out procedures.

This course is fully accredited by  Associated Beauty Therapists and allows you to obtain obtain full insurance cover. You must obtain insurance cover to complete your case studies, a discount code will be available for you. 

A non refundable booking fee of £1000 is required at the time of booking. The balance is to be paid two weeks before training begins. Contact us for prices and dates.

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